Chimney Stack Repairs Warwickshire

Chimney Stack Repairs Warwickshire

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All working chimneys are susceptable to deteriation due to being exposed to the elements all year round. Some of the things that can cause problems include high temperatures, the weather and of course old age.

Over the years both the inside and outside of the chimney stack can become cracked, leaky or breached which will cause the stack to become weak.

This has several dangers associated with it, including toppling over during windy conditions which can cause damage to your property or even worse cause injury to a person. We are experts in repairing damaged chimney stacks (providing it is not beyond repair) and we can also install a new one if required.

We are available to re-point or even re-build your chimney stack.Chimney stacks are exposed to the elements 365 days a year, therefore they need a little T.L.C every now and again,though not many people think about this until it falls through the roof,which can be very costly!

We can provide a thorough check, with pictures so that you can see for yourself if everything is sound,we will advise you of any repairs that we think need to be done and give you a quote in writing, the decision is then up to you.

Contact us today if you have concerns with your chimney stack and we can arrange a no obligation quotation for you.